The first step

We are so excited to launch this blog and a whole new chapter at BeAnimal. We would love to hear your comments and we want this page to become a fun source of information and inspiration for everyone! If any of you would like to contribute to this page through writing, photographs or scientific articles please feel free to send them in.

Our mission is to help spread awareness about global warming, climate change, habitat loss and species extinction. We know how we can help make things better and we aren't afraid to look at the facts and share it openly. We are self-funded and intend on busting a lot of myths about diet, health and the environment propagated by the media, bringing to the light the hidden facts about animal abuse happening behind closed doors.

One of our current projects is conducting outreach programmes at schools - where our main focus will be protection of endangered animals and their natural habitats. We will also be talking a lot about waste management and recycling in particular.

The second project will be setting up a plastic recycling centre for the community here on Agonda Beach. Plastic waste poisons the local ecosystem and a huge number of animals die from this every year. The locals at this point of time still resort to burning their plastic waste and there is no provision to have it recycled. We are looking into ways in which the recycled plastic can be used to make products that can be sold by the local community to help sustain this drive.

We have conversations with people and hand out free information cards, helping them transition to a healthier, more environmentally friendly and ethical lifestyle. We have postcards with information about the endangered species of this region.

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