zQ. If I want to consume dairy products,  eggs or meat during the tour will it be allowed?

 A: We would highly dissuade you from doing that. Not only are animal products harmful to your own health but also damage the environment and involves the inhumane treatment of animals. This doesn't sit well with the ethics our organization. Think of these 21 days as a time to heal your body, to feel the world around you with an open mind. 


Q. How will the blood test be conducted?  Is it up to international standards? 

A: The blood samples will be taken on the first and final days of the tour by a qualified nurse in the leisure of our accommodation.  The samples will then be taken to a lab for testing.  The results will be sent to you immediately after the tour. 


Q. Are the meals going to be local recepies or will we be eating western food as well? 

A: We will be tasting a lot of different cuisines on the BeAnimal journey. We will also be having cooking classes every alternate day so you can learn how to prepare these delicious meals. You can see our complete meal plan here.


Q. Will an Indian sim card be provided for me? 

A: We can organize short term Indian SIM cards for our guests.  They are valid for two months.  You will need a photo, passport copy and to fill out a form before you can get one as per government procedure. The cost for the SIM card and the first recharge is approximately ₹600 (€8)


Q. Will there be phone reception everywhere we go? 

A: Everywhere except Agonda Beach in south Goa. This place is literally paradise so you'd probably be glad to have no signal on your phone. Our accommodation does have fast Wi-Fi though. 


Q. What should I bring from home? 

A: We will be providing every participant with a gift bag that consists of all natural soap,  shampoo and almost everything else that you could possibly need on the tour including a natural cotton yoga mat!   Please bring only the essentials and try not bringing any chemicals or plastics on the tour. We have prepared a sample packing checklist just for inspiration.


Q. What will my daypack consist of? 

A: Your daypack should consist of a water bottle, sunglasses, camera, notebook, pen. 


Q. Will we have time for shopping? 

A: Yes, you will certainly have time for shopping at all three of our destinations. Bangalore has a lot of nice shopping areas with more options and lower prices than the other places on the tour.


Q. Will we have time for independent exploration? 

A: Yes, although we do have a schedule that we would like to stick to do that we can give the best value to our guests. What's the fun in travelling if you can't explore the place for yourself! You can take a look at the schedule here. 


Q. Will I get some time to myself everyday? 

A: Yes,  personal time is an absolute necessity.  We are confident you will find some time to yourself each day. You can take a look at the schedule here.


Q. Can I drink the water there? 

A: No, it is inadvisable to drink tap water in India.  We provide all our guests with filtered water which is safe to drink. 


Q. What medicines should I bring from home? 

A: Bring any prescription medications that you might need. Most common medications are easily available in India over the counter so don't worry if you forget something. 


Q. Will there be a language barrier? 

A: Not really.  Most people we will be meeting can speak English. Learning a few words in Hindi and Kannada is great fun and would make the local people very happy.  


Q. What kind of insurance do I need? 

A: You will need to organize your own travel insurance. BeAnimal will not be responsible for any medical emergencies that might arise along the way. 


Q. Will there be warm showers? 

A: Yes, we have arranged for warm showers at all our destinations although most places will be quite warm and you most probably won't need one. 


Q. Do I need to bring mosquito repellent? 

A: You can pick up some mosquito repellent quite inexpensively when you arrive in India.  Eucalyptus oil also works well against mosquitoes. 


Q. Can children be brought on the tour as well? 

Yes,  feel free to bring your kids along on the BeAnimal journey.  Make sure you can look after them by yourselves as there will be no babysitters on the tour. 


Q. Will there be access for differentlty abled persons? 

A: At this point it will be quite hard to accommodate a wheelchair and India is particularly hard country to get around for people with disabilities.

 If someone can help you get around then we will be glad to have you on tour with us. 


Q. Is it safe to bring a laptop on the tour? 

A: Yes, of course as long as you make sure your room is locked while you are out. 


Q. Will special food be provided for people with gluten intolerance? 

A: We will try an accommodate your dietary preference if you let us know in advance. 


Q. Will special food be prepared for people who have nut allergies? 

A: We cannot guarantee that our food is nut free. We can help guide you but will not be able to provide nut-free alternatives. 


Q. Which charities do the profits get donated to? 

A: All profits from the BeAnimal tour go towards imparting education about environment and nutrition to children living in poor urban areas. We will be supporting several orphanages as well as urban permaculture initiatives. Our aim is to spread the message of peace and help mankind live in harmony with nature. 


Q. Why is the BeAnimal tour a non-profit?

A: BeAnimal exists to serve the community and to stand up for what is right. We are trying to seed a revolution in thought and action. We want a clean,  green world that is protected for future generations. All we are doing is creating a platform for people to come together, share knowledge and celebrate life. This is beyond value. 


Q. Can I bring a pet animal along? 

A: Sure you can!  Just make sure you inform us beforehand so that we can make the necessary arrangements. 


Q. If I want to organize a class/workshop during the tour how do I go about it? 

A: Let us know what kind of workshop you want to organize!  We are always on the lookout for new inspiration whether it is art, music, theatre, yoga or anything else.  We will try our best to fit you in. 


Q. Why is your organization called 'BeAnimal'? 

A: BeAnimal is a call for us to return to a way of life that is much better for our personal health and also more sustainable for the planet. The animals aren't the ones destroying the planet so maybe we could learn a thing or two from them.  If you want to read more about BeAnimal click here.


Q. What will the weather be like?  

A: Mostly hot duing the day and fairly cool at night. We have prepared an overview of the weather for you here


Q. What kind of clothes should I pack for the trip/ can I bring my bikini?

A: As much as we would like to tell you to wear what you like its a bit more complicated than that for the ladies. Err on the side of caution and dress modestly if you don't want to draw too much attention to yourself.  The places we are visiting are quite touristy and locals are well accustomed to seeing people dress as they please. Definitely bring your bikini to Goa!  The place is paradise!  Packing list


Q. How physically demanding is the travel?  

A: Not very.  A person with moderate fitness should easily be able to make it through. We will be walking a good deal so make sure you can keep up!


Q. I have troubles with food addiction. Will the BeAnimal tour be able to help me? 

A: Definitely.  We are here to support you on your journey to break away from old habits.  There is no processed or junk food on the BeAnimal tour so there is nothing to worry about. 


Q. Will there be a doctor on-call during the tour?  

A: We do have a doctor available to us in case of an emergency. 


Q. Is it true that a plant based diet can help reverse some diseases?  

A: Please refer to our section on health.  


Q. Are there any expenses that are not included in the costs of the tour? 

A: There are virtually no expenses that you will need to pay for except your own personal expenditures. All meals (in some tours), travel, classes and accommodation is included in the tour cost.