* flashlight attached

* one-shoulder bag for day-to-day use


* one-two pairs of long thin comfy pants (preferably loose fit)

* one pair every-day shorts
* T-shirt x4
* tank top x1
* jogging/ yoga pants x1
* cardigan (TIP: wear layers on the plane and choose an insulating but light-weight sweater)
* sunglasses
* underwear
* socks x3
* bras x2  
* bathing suit/ bikini

*thin scarf to cover up if necessary

* rubber flip-flops or comfortable sandals that can get cleaned easily in the rain, mud (no delicate materials or light colors, your shoes will get dirty!)

* journal
* pencil and multi-coloured pen

* sturdy document holder containing
* photocopy of passport and IDs
* extra passport photos for visa runs
* travel insurance card
* flight info

* cell phone case

* passport
* American currency
* IDs and debit/credit card (TIP: speak with your bank before you go and change to an account type that does not charge you for withdrawing money from ATMs)


* natural shampoo, soap, moisturizer, toothpaste and toothbrush, deodorant, lipbalm, natural sun screen, mosquito repellent (please don't pack blow dryers, straightening irons, hair styling products, makeup- if you need very limited : concealer& mascara, You are beautiful just the way you are! And there will be hardly time for 27 step daily beauty routines)
* toiletries bag
* zipper bags to compartmentalize (protects from spillage)
* female products (a couple pads and tampons, DIVA cup)
* nail filer and tweezers
* a few hair elastics and bobby pins
* tissue paper

* travel size towel

* dried fruit (or nuts) for the plane or on the road
* portable sturdy travel cutlery (fork and knife only as airports will take away and knives if your bag is a carry-on)
* water bottle
* psyllium husks to keep bowel movements normal (stir 1 Tbsp in water twice a day - highly recommended!)

* earplugs ( and sleep mask if needed)
* chewing gum

* thin bedsheet + pillow cover

* Umbrella



* light-weight running shoes

* electronics bag
* headphones
* laptop + phone +tablet chargers
* external hard drive plus cable (keep extra at home!!)
* JETech battery bank with 2 charging outlets (life saver!!!)
* extra ziplock bags for compartmentalizing
* tripod or mini tripod (or selfie-stick)
* CAMERA (or go-pro)
* camera case (TIP: invest in a water-proof camera case!)
* SD card for camera (TIP: take an extra SD card… the last thing you want is for it to get full or damaged and you can't capture precious moments)
* laptop case (TIP: do not bring a new computer… it will surely get knocked around. If you can, don't bring one at all)
*TABLET (or e-reader)

* don't be scared to pack light! Everything you could possibly need you can buy while travelling and it's super affordable to buy in India.
* … most importantly: have fun!!