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Our favourite artisanal vegan food brands in Bangalore

  • A Little Dipsy organic hummus - pink & black, walnut cold brew coffee, not-ella

  • Zvatra Peanut Butter

  • Angelo’s Vegan Cheese

  • Pudducakes artisanal cashew desserts

  • Let’s get Baked nippattu and nut butter cups

  • Dittoo vegan butter

  • ChimpXherbs herbal tea

  • Local Ferment Co. kombucha and ginger beer

  • Mossant Fermentary kombucha, hot sauce and kimchi

  • ULO vegan ice creams

  • Lucky Vegan Deli tofu cream cheese

  • HUKI Air-Dried Fruit Slices

  • Dad's Hack kombucha

  • Mason&Co x Copper+Cloves chocolates

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