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I am truly moved by the vision behind the BeAnimal’s campaign. It has struck a cord in the hearts of all those who have come across it. It is rare to find a mission that has may eventually be the saving grace of this generation and even our whole planet. The course was well put together and had a good balance between theory and practice. And the food was really great too! I wish these youngsters all the very best in all their future endeavors.

-George Howard (Australia)

BeAnimal has just taken eco-tourism to a whole new level! Now that I’ve learnt all the thing I have I find myself being a lot more conscious of the foods and products I consume. I’ve met so many inspirational people along this journey. I will be taking home not only memories but also life long friends. Thank you guys for this wonderful experience!

- Lisa Morin ( France)



Waking up to fresh fruits and the juices every morning was such a refreshing experience. I had no idea that there was such a huge variety of vegan foods that could be prepared! The cooking classes were definitely the highlight of the trip. Visiting the farms and meeting the farmers has brought me closer to my food. It was great being out in nature and spending time with like-minded people.

-Bence Bankó  (Hungary)

Making this trip to India was the best decision of my life. India is a tricky place to get around if you want to keep yourself in tip top shape. Most travellers are especially weary of salads and cut fruits from street vendors but still end up getting sick anyway! It is such a relief that we didn’t have to worry about our health while we were out on tour. The food was absolutely delicious and I would certainly recommenced the BeAnimal journey to all my friends.

- Felicia Lila (Netherlands)


I have made several trips to India before but have never seemed to be able to place into a context that made sense to me- that is to say I never understood it. The BeAnimal tour was an eye-opening experience for me. I was able to feel the ground reality of what life is here and what I have learnt back with me. It is an education in life and responsibility that I think every young person should have access to.

- Alejandro Vela (Spain)

There is something for everyone at the BeAnimal journey. They helped me believe in my dreams and gave me the tools to help make it come true. I have found a way to align my career with a cause that benefits all of humanity. I am truly grateful to have crossed paths with so many intelligent and inspiring people.

- Clara Castello (France)


A truly humbling and transformative experience! Words cannot fully describe. Now I feel like I am a part of something far greater than myself. We are working towards a much grander goal.

- Kasia Kochanowska (Poland)