Terms of service

Please read carefully the following Booking Conditions. BeAnimal Journey only accepts bookings subject to the proceeding conditions.

The terms, conditions and provisions listed below in this agreement (“the Agreement” hereinafter) apply to any and/or all tours/adventures provided by BeAnimal Journey, a company registered and having it’s head office in Bangalore, India. (“the Company” hereinafter).

By submitting a booking request accompanied by the Non-Refundable €500/- deposit you (“the Client” hereinafter) acknowledge having read, understood, accepted and agreed to all the terms, conditions and provisions contained in the Agreement.

It is understood that any and/or all provisions of the Agreement, in whole or in part, are governed by and subject to the laws of the India and the Client and the Company hereby agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the India in regards to any claim or matter arising under the Agreement.

The Client and the Company hereby understand and agree that the Agreement and all of its terms and conditions in whole or in part will come into effect once the Company has accepted the Client’s booking request and has confirmed the received of client’s non-refundable deposit and has issued the Client an Adventure Confirmation Receipt. Once the Company has confirmed the received of non-refundable deposit to the Client there can be no changes in the listed adventure price as in accordance to the Agreement.

The Client making the booking (which is subject to the terms of the Agreement) warrants that they have full authority to do so on behalf of all persons named, and confirms that all persons on the booking are aware of and accept the conditions of the Agreement.

The Company reserves the sole and irrevocable right to decline any booking at anytime at their discretion as in accordance with the Agreement.


The Client understands that all prices quoted are based on and referred to in Euros. The Client understand that the €500 booking deposit is NON refundable. The Client understands that the balance of the tour cost must be paid in full no later than 30 (thirty) days prior to the commencement date of the tour.


Changes made by the Client to their booking date(s) will incur an amendment fee of €150/- (one hundred and fifty euros). If Client decides to transfer their tour date(s) to a latter date(s), any discounts the Client received on their original booking will be forfeited and the Client will pay the different fare (if any). The remaining deposit balance should be used within 18 months from the original booking date.

Changes and/or refund to extra hotel night(s) can be made without any additional charge as long as any changes and/or refund request is made at least 15 days prior to the scheduled hotel reservation date. We cannot give a refund for any unused extra hotel night room(s) unless notified at least 15 days prior to the schedule reservation date.

The Client understands that any changes to their original booking must be confirmed in writing (via email, post or signed fax) by the Client who made the original booking and must be accompanied by the amendment fee(s), if any, as mentioned in the Agreement. The Client understands that the Company will use its best efforts to operate all adventures/tours as advertised. However, by entering into the Agreement the Client accepts that it maybe necessary or advisable to vary, alter and/or modify an itinerary and its contents due to prevailing local conditions.

The Company reserves the right to cancel or change, at anytime, the facilities and/or services (including but not limited to transport, accommodations, sights and any other arrangement) and to substitute alternative arrangements of comparable monetary value, comfort and quality standards without compensation to the Client and the Company accepts no liability for any loss of enjoyment as a result of these changes.

The Company accepts no liability or responsibility for any airlines cancellation fees or any other fees not directly paid to the Company by the Client.

The Client understands that it may become necessary to adjust the sequence of an adventure itinerary and some destinations en route as a result of poor road conditions, weather, acts of civil strife, changes to transport schedules or other prevailing local conditions. The Company accepts no responsibility and cannot be held liable for loss of enjoyment as a result of such delays, cancellations and/or adjustments.


The Client can cancel their adventure at anytime providing that said cancellation is communicated in writing (via email, post or signed fax).Cancellation charges will apply as mentioned herein:

Cancellation Fees:

Loss of deposit (50% of tour cost)

Furthermore, the Client hereby understands and agrees that the Company will bare no responsibility for airline rescheduling and/or cancellation fees charged by the airline and/or their assigned agents or representatives.


The Company’s adventures are guaranteed to depart on the dates confirmed by the Company to the Client at the time of the Client’s booking. If for some unforeseen reason due to circumstances outside of the control of the Company, such as extremely adverse weather conditions, civil strife or any other reason the Company may feel the safety and smooth progress of the adventure will be effected, is to take place and force the Company to cancel the adventure, the Company will advise the Client of such cancellation immediately. In such cases, the Company hereby agrees to offer the Client alternative arrangements; if the Client does not accept these arrangements then the Company will refund all payments made by the Client to the Company. However, the Company will not be held liable for any additional costs, charges, fees and/or expenses the Client may have incurred outside those payments made directly to the Company by the Client.


It is compulsory for the Client to be covered by insurance, which must include adequate cover for medical expenses and the cost of repatriation should the Client become too ill to continue, including helicopter rescue and air ambulance. If the Client joins the adventure without adequate insurance, the Client may not be allowed to continue on the adventure, with no right of refund. The Company also recommends that the Client obtain additional insurance coverage for cancellations, curtailment and loss of luggage and personal affects.

The Company recommends full comprehensive coverage. It is the sole responsibility of the Client to obtain and purchase said insurance coverage. The Company shall bare no responsibility for loss or for any expenses incurred by the Client with or without full and adequate coverage as in accordance to the Agreement.


Any likeness or image of the Client secured or taken on any of the Company’s adventures may be used by the Company without charge in all media (whether now existing or in the future invented) for bona fide promotional or marketing purposes, including but not limited to promotional materials of any kind, such as brochures, slides, video shows and the internet.

The Client is expected to satisfy themselves prior to booking that they are fit and able to complete the adventure itinerary. Person(s) over the age of 75 (seventy-five) years of age may be required to provide the Company medical evidence of fitness to travel. The Company cannot accept any unaccompanied minor (those under the age of 18 (eighteen) years) without legal consent from the legal guardian of said minor.

Any Client suffering from illness or disability or undergoing any treatment for any physical or medical condition must declare the true nature of such condition to the Company at the time of booking and make arrangements for the provision of any medication or other treatment that may be required during the course of the adventure. Failure to make such a declaration by the Client will constitute a breach of the Agreement and result in the Client being excluded or removed from the adventure with no right of refund.

By completing the booking form, the Client agrees that if necessary, the Company may pass contact details of the Client to any third party connected with the operation of the specific adventure on which the Client has booked. This information will not be used for any other purpose, nor will it be passed to any other parties.

The Client hereby agrees to accept the authority and decisions of the Company’s adventure leader(s) while on the adventure with the Company. If in the opinion of the Company’s adventure leader(s) the health, behavior and/or conduct of the Client before or after departure appears to endanger the safe, comfortable and/or general happy progress of the adventure the Client may be excluded from all or part of the tour with no right to refund. In such cases, the Company shall bare no responsibility for any charges and/or fees incurred by the Client prior, during and/or after the adventure.

The Client hereby agrees to obey the laws and regulations of the country visited and any failure to do so will relieve the Company of any and all obligations that the Company may have under the terms of the Agreement.


It is the sole responsibility of the Client to possess a valid passport and obtain all necessary, appropriate and/or required visas or travel documents needed. The Client must ensure that their passport is valid for at least 6 (six) months beyond the duration of the scheduled adventure, as this is a standard requirement for entry into most countries.

It is the sole responsibility of the Client to ensure that they obtained all the necessary visas for their travels.

The Client hereby understands and agrees that it is their sole responsibility to consult with their doctor or health care professional and obtain all necessary or recommended vaccinations, immunizations and preventative medicine(s) as may be required by the Client for the duration of the adventure.

The Company strongly recommends that the Client travel with as little baggage as possible and will bare no responsibility for loss or damage of baggage or personal property and shall not be responsible for excess baggage charges by carriers if any.

A basic overview of each adventure itinerary is provided in the Company’s brochures and website regarding the type of accommodation used, what is included in the price, passport and visa requirements, and health formalities. Upon booking and receiving the deposit from the Client, the Company will provide a Pre-Departure package to the Client, which will contain information about the destination and adventure. The information and conditions relating to the Client’s adventure contained in the Pre-Departure Package will be deemed to be part of the contract, and should therefore be read carefully. Should there be a discrepancy between the information in the brochure and/Pre-departure Package and the Website, the information in the Website supersedes that in the brochure and/or Pre-Departure package and will be considered the most up-to-date and accurate.

Any information or advice provided by the Company on matters such as permits, visas, vaccinations, climate, clothing, baggage, special equipment, etc. is given in good faith but without liability on the part of the Company. It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure they have all the necessary travel documentation required for the adventure.


The adventures operated by the Company have been designed to provide the Client with an exposure to the true nature of the environment visited and therefore may involve an element of personal risk and exposure to potential hazards over and above those associated with normal “package” tours.

All bookings are accepted on the understanding that such risks and/or hazards are appreciated by the Client and that the Client undertakes all adventures, tours, treks and other activities of their own volition.


As a pre-requisite, the Client must sign a release form that the Company will send to the Client prior to their adventure, which will read as follows:

“I understand and acknowledge that I am undertaking an adventure trip with inherent dangers and that traveling with BeAnimal Journey may involve certain risks above and beyond those encountered on a conventional holiday and/or tour included but not limited to: the hazards of travel by airplane, boat, bus, car, train and/or any and all other forms of travel/transport; different and/or unstable political, social and economic conditions; the potential of criminal or injurious acts by others, including terrorism; physical exertion or emotional distress associated with geographic and/or length of travel and/or activities undertaken and/or areas visited while on this adventure/tour abroad; exposure to infectious and/or other communicable disease; loss of valuable property; injury resulting in serious, permanent physical injury, or even death, resulting from accident, natural disasters, or acts of God; strikes, war, quarantine or government restrictions; or from medical care or treatment while abroad; lack of competent and/or modern medical services in rural, urban and/or natural areas. I fully understand that I am traveling to geographical locations/regions where the standard of accommodation, safety, transport, hygiene, cleanliness, medical facilities, communications and infrastructure may not be of the standard I am used to in my home country or would find on a more conventional holiday and/or tour. I accept these risks and obligations and I fully assume the risks and responsibilities of this form of travel. I hereby release and indemnify BeAnimal Journey from any claims, liabilities, and/or responsibilities connected to these risks to the maximum extent permitted by law. I also hereby acknowledge that I have been informed of, read, understand and accept all terms and conditions of BeAnimal Journey Booking Conditions prior to booking this BeAnimal Journey Adventure and hereby release and/or indemnify BeAnimal Journey and/or any employees, agents, officers and company personnel from any claim(s), liabilities, or demands for personal injury, property damage or other loss of any kind that I may sustain as a result of my participation in the above mentioned adventure/tour. I also hereby agree that I am in possession of a valid travel insurance policy with coverage against personal accident/illness, medical expenses, and emergency repatriation. I also hereby give permission to BeAnimal Journey to use any photographs that I may appear in, which they, their staff or others have taken during the BeAnimal Journey adventure to use in the promotion and/or marketing of their BeAnimal Journey adventures.”


The Client understands and agrees that airfares, passport and visa fees, travel insurance, excess baggage charges, airport departure taxes/charges, gratuities to guides/drivers/porters/waiters, etc., laundry, optional activities or tours, still/video camera fees at sites (as applicable by the site), and all transport, transfers, meals and/or food stuff, drinks (including but not limited to alcoholic beverages, juices, soft-drinks, bottled water, etc.) that are not specifically mentioned and included in the itinerary and any item(s) of a personal nature are not included in the adventure price and are the sole responsibility of the Client to settle the charges of such items mentioned herein. The Company will bare no responsibility for such items mentioned in accordance with the Agreement.


The Company shall not be liable for any failure to perform its obligations where such failure is as a result of Acts of Nature (including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane or other natural disaster), war, invasion, act of foreign enemies, hostilities (whether war is declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power or confiscation, terrorist activities, nationalization, government sanction, blockage, embargo, labor dispute, strike, lockout or interruption or failure of electricity or for any other reason not directly attributed to the Company and in accordance with the Agreement.