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Our vegan yoga tours are designed to help you relax, rejuvenate and reach the pinnacle of health and happiness all while doing something good for our planet.  We do much more on the BeAnimal journey than just travel around India. We have searched high and low for unique places that have a certain magical quality to them. Places that bring us a bit closer to ourselves and help foster new connections to the world around us. Our purpose is not merely sight-seeing, but building a deep understanding of the culture and people who make this civilisation tick. We will take you far off the tourist trail to show you the people who are helping build a new sustainable future for this planet.

India is a great place to begin the BeAnimal journey - a place where all things are forgiven and one can always make a fresh start. With a huge wealth of cultural knowledge and traditions that go back thousands of years, India has always been a spiritual seeker’s paradise. This is an incredible place where nothing is out of reach- a land of endless possibilities, wonder and mystery. This is a land where both extremes exist in relative harmony, a melting pot of cultures and traditions from all over the world- a subcontinent bursting with life and energy. .


We will experience where our food comes from, meet the farmers and find out what it takes to produce organic fruits and vegetables. We will learn about different cuisines and find out how we can use a proper diet to protect us from illness. We will move through sleepy little villages and find peace in nature, far from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Our travels will take us to the ruins of Hampi, where magnificent sunsets over boulders

and temples will transport you hundreds of years back in time. We will be spending our second week at the beautiful beach of Agonda in South Goa. We will be visiting a fully off-grid community here to learn how humans can live in harmony with nature. Our final week will be in Mysore where we will learn from the masters about yoga and natural medicine.


The tours will run from October through February and the weather during this season is usually very pleasant with December and January being the coolest months of the year. We have prepared a weather guide for you, so you can plan what clothes to bring along. For more information about the trip please check out our FAQ section.

We will be spending a lot of time in nature during the tour, we will go on hikes, visit historical sights, local farms and sustainable communities. We will only be travelling during the day to ensure that you have a comfortable bed to sleep in every night. If you want to find out more about the accommodation during the tour then click here. If you need some inspiration on what to pack for the BeAnimal journey, then please check out our packing list.





On the BeAnimal journey we will be eating gourmet, whole food, plant-based meals all day long! We take our commitment to good food very seriously and all our meals are prepared from organic ingredients sourced from local farms. Our meals have no processed ingredients like sugars and we try to stick to whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds that appear as they are in nature.

There has been much research done on the benefits of a plant-based diet and so far it is the only known diet to be able to slow down and reverse even heart disease, which is the world’s leading killer. When it comes to health and immunity, we can’t afford to make any compromises. It is more effective to learn how to eat right today than to spend time in the hospital later!


We have cooking classes every alternate day, so you will learn to prepare some of the dishes we will be trying on the tour. We can prepare special meals for guests who are gluten intolerant or have nut allergies. We try our best to make sure no one is left behind!

If you would like to take a look at a single day’s menu, then click here. Please click here to take a look at our sample meal plan for the entire 21 days.





“The body tries to hold onto the past, the mind tries to take us into the future. It is the breath that keeps us present” - Leslie Kaminoff

Yoga is an essential part of daily life on the BeAnimal journey and we start every day with an hour-long yoga session. We have teamed up with the best yoga instructors from around the world to bring you a 21-day yoga course that is designed to help you embody the spirit of this ancient art.


We will be visiting one of the birthplaces of Yoga culture and performing our daily asanas in the most stunning locations! We will have sessions on yoga philosophy and basic anatomy to help you better understand the transformations in mind, body and soul.

Some people see yoga as merely an exercise, something to relieve their back pain or release the tension in their neck. The truth is that Yoga is a lifestyle unto itself, both on and off the mat. The spiritual truths that drive yogic life bring many concepts to us, one of which is ‘ahimsa’ or non-violence.

In Hinduism, ahimsa does not apply only to peer-to-peer relationships. It applies to your relationships with all sentient beings, as well as mother earth. A truly yogic lifestyle is one that has the least amount of negative impact possible on the environment around you. We will cultivate a clear mind and create space to see our own wisdom and intuition. Together we will embrace that which allows us to tap into our most balanced, vibrant selves and support a community of self-love and nourishment. Our gourmet plant-based meals are designed to help reduce inflammation in your body and speed up recovery after a tough workout. Come and join us to live the yogi lifestyle in its purest sense!





A big part of the BeAnimal journey is to understand why we do the things we do. We will discuss a variety of topics over the 21 day duration that range from the changing climate to the causes of food addiction. Critical thinking and a bit of common sense is all you will need to attend this course and it is not necessary to have a background in natural sciences, health or nutrition.

Each day, we will pick a topic and delve into it a little deeper through brainstorming sessions and hands-on projects. We will gain practical knowledge on how to grow our own food in a sustainable manner among many other things. Our final exam will be presenting what we have learnt to children who study at an orphanage in Mysore, after which we will receive our certificates.


Our focus areas are ecology and the environment, wildlife conservation health and nutrition. All these areas are interlinked and we will will learn how collective action can solve most of the world’s problems. It is important that we begin to learn about these topics and use science as our tool to combat ignorance and misinformation.

In the final session we will all attempt to create our own social business enterprises with help of project managers and mentors who have been in the field a long time. This will help you take these solutions back home in a more concrete form and help you implement them within your community





It takes even the best of us a few days to change our habits. As with anything else, eating clean and staying away from junk foods requires quite a lot of practice. On the BeAnimal tour, we will be following a daily ritual of wellness that will make it easier for the routine to set in. When you treat your body right, you feel better almost instantly.

It can be as simple as getting a sufficient amount of sleep each night, getting enough sunlight and spending more time outdoors. These seemingly insignificant changes can add many positive and productive years to our lives in the long run.


Changing your diet is never easy and it will take more than a couple of days to break away from a lifetime of unhealthy eating. We are here to support you with indulgent food that is also great for your overall well-being. We will be following certain practices like intermittent fasting to help us break away from constant food consumption and will give our bodies time to rest and recover

By the 21 st day, all these practices should have become second nature to us and psychologists tell us that this is how long it takes for our brains to form new habits. If you would like to take a look at our schedule, please click here.





Mindfulness and meditation practice is a crucial part of our daily ritual. We start and end each day with a short group meditation session to help relax our minds and to reaffirm our motivations and aspirations.

We are going to be learning a lot each day and our practice will help us assimilate this knowledge better.


We will also be doing yoga every morning to help wake our bodies up and to keep us active and energetic through the day.

We will also be spending a good deal of time out in nature, strolling through forests and hopefully finding peace within ourselves!



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One of the main reasons to join us on the BeAnimal journey is to meet the many great thinkers and guest lecturers we will be collaborating with from all over the world.

We will have time to interact with these people, find out how they resisted falling into the trap of self-pity and doubt and how they manage to lead a happy and fulfilling life.


Apart from this, we will also we working together on several projects for the classes and workshops through a system called problem-based learning. Our group size of up to 10 is perfect to facilitate strong connections and teamwork.

Coming together in international teams of 4-5 people and learning how to work on projects and communicate effectively is a very important tool in our modern, globalized society. We will make new friends and have a group of awesome people to share our ideas with.





A big part of why we started the BeAnimal journey is to help create a sense of community so we can work together to solve global problems like sea level rise, felling of our rainforests and species extinction. These are issues that no individual can tackle by themselves. On our travels we will work closely with farmers, helping them implement permaculture practices on their farms. This helps them stay away from chemical fertilisers and pesticides, produce organic fruits and vegetables at lower costs and also protect the health of the soil. We also provide a direct market for their products and help them make a fair wage. We make seedballs and do a plantation drive to help regenerate barren pieces of land.

We will also be working with students from local schools to help them understand the importance of eating enough fruits and vegetables and explain the positive effects to their personal health as well as the environment. We also have plans to start urban farming initiatives to help kids practise raising their own plants and better connect to the food they eat.

The impact of the BeAnimal journey will be felt long after the tours are over. This isn’t just because of the trees we have planted and the farmers we have helped, but the lives we have touched along the way.


All of the profits from the tour will be directed towards environmental and nutritional education initiatives for school students as well as the general public. We will be creating a short documentary in April after the tours are complete which discusses how a plant-based lifestyle can help us live in peace with mother earth. We will also be coming out with a book chronicling the BeAnimal journey as well as analyzing the results of the blood tests. This scientific data is a crucial resource to help people understand the power of a plant-based diet.

The most important thing however, will be the change each one of you will be creating through your projects. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and creating something new and useful for the world is that step. We would like all of these projects to collaborate through the BeAnimal platform and by working together our voice can be heard. Imagine one hundred and twenty people projects coming into the world each year, each with the audacity to challenge the status quo. We don’t think there is any force more powerful in shaping the world than people learning how to work together





Most people come to plant-based diets for the purpose of curing a whole range of chronic illnesses. Vegan diets are well known to reduce the level of inflammation within the body and the list of benefits goes on and on. By the end of this journey, you should be feeling completely rejuvenated and a great deal happier and healthier than when you started off. While we believe plant-based diets do have the power to heal people, this is not what we are here for - we are neither a clinic nor are we doctors and we believe that specific medical issues are much better left to the professionals.

Here is a list of plant-based doctors that you can find in our directory. At BeAnimal, we take a more holistic view to health and believe that doing a lot of little things right can help us achieve the desired outcome. We will be taking blood samples and measurements before the tour and on day 21 so you can monitor your own progress. We have partnered with some of the best labs and doctors in the country to bring this to you and of course, all the information we collect will be treated confidentially


If you would like to read about the health benefits of a plant-based diet then please click here. Another great source for the latest information and research on a plant-based diet is Dr. Michael Gregor’s which has tons of fascinating videos.

Another great page to look at is Mic the Vegans’ YouTube channel.





At the end of the tour, we look back at all things we have learnt and realize how far we have come. We then decide how best to apply our knowledge in the outside world.

A lot of things that we thought we knew to be true were just lies and we now understand that they were just products of our social conditioning.


We have broken many barriers in our minds over the past few weeks and have learnt to live as compassionate human beings. We understand how a single step in the right direction can create a sea of change -

the power of science over misinformation and the power of kindness, love and peace to protect our planet for many decades to come.





Congratulations! You’ve made it to the final day of the BeAnimal Journey. Your pants should be a fair bit looser at this point and you’re probably filled to the brim with youthful energy. I know it hasn’t been easy to switch to this lifestyle but you’ve succeeded and there is a great deal to celebrate.

Having control over our minds and bodies in this day and age is also a huge feat. Most people have forgotten the true meaning of freedom and we have just discovered it. In order to enjoy the freedom of being healthy in our old age we have to start now. Everybody knows this but so few of us are actually in a position to change these things


Through our actions, we have planted thousands of trees, improved the lives of millions of people both directly and indirectly, saved the lives of innumerable animals and prevented tons of greenhouse gasses from reaching the atmosphere.

This is our impact and we couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for being part of this family and helping us make this change. If you want to see more information about the BeAnimal Journey please click here.