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About Us

BeAnimal Journey Foundation got founded in June 2017 with the mission to spread the message of holistic sustainability. We believe that sustainability is not only about the environment but it starts within ourselves. We're talking about holistic health - mental and physical, nutrition, financial sustainability as well as minimalism and how to switch to a more earth friendly life style in general.


Sustainability can be incorporated into every aspect of our life starting with permaculture and waste management and ranging all the way to sustainable time management to reduce stress.​


We are all part of Gaia, mother earth. In nature everything is created to live in balance and harmony. Plants and animals don't damage the planet only our human species does by bringing things out of balance! That's why we say: 'Be animal! Remember your roots and reconnect to nature. For a better planet, for a better future for all of us!'

Our Team


Vanessa Zwick

Co-founder | Vegan nutritionist | Designer 

Vanessa is the design and nutrition head at BeAnimal.  She's in charge of our plant based gourmet meals at the Happiness Café and Sunday Brunch Club. She is from southern Poland though she's spent her entire childhood growing up in Bavaria, Germany. An architect by profession, she has an eye for detail and will make sure that everything we do meets the highest quality standards. Her heart is in design and creative work of all kinds.  She's a lover of life and generally fun to hang out with. She likes painting abstract art, fruits, yoga, cooking, travel, fermenting foods and swimming in the ocean.


Lakshman Badami

Co-founder | Eco architect

Lakshman handles planning and operations at BeAnimal. A free-spirit and dreamer since birth, he is on a mission to revolutionise the way we humans live with the natural environment. With experience in the natural sciences and a degree in Architectural technology and construction planning from VIA University, Denmark, he is well prepared to design a new wave of sustainable buildings for the world.  He is interested in permaculture, sustainable technology, design, riding his road bike and almost everything in between.  You'll find him out in nature enjoying the bliss.



Hostel Manager 

Kishu is a great guy! You will meet him at check in.



Happiness Café Barista

Samikshya is a bio-technology student and works in our Cafē lab to make sure you get the best caffeinated and non-caffeinated drinks.


She loves reading and organising everything around her. You will find her exploring the home decor section at Ikea and designing interiors in her free time.



Happiness Café Barista

Mukul joined our team most recently and you will meet him behind our Coffee Bar counter ready to make drinks for you!

Mukul, an aeronautical engineer - content writer, who after some soul searching found that coffee and the art of making coffee is his passion. He wishes to study hotel management in Spain soon, but before that his first concern is getting you the best cup of coffee you've ever had - be it hot or iced.

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